Holmdel Volunteer First Aid Squad Inc.

20 Crawford’s Corner Road / PO Box 171 Holmdel, N.J. 07733



Who Are We?

Holmdel First Aid Squad Cadet Program

We are a division of the Holmdel First Aid Squad comprising of only high school students.
Currently the 2022-2023 roster consists of 30 Cadets,
a majority of which are fully certified EMT’s that ride on night and day crews alongside adult
EMT’s to 911 calls. Everyday of the week is covered by assigned cadets ready to help their community.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

Please note that being eligible to apply does not necessarily constitute acceptance into the program.

 To be eligible to apply, an applicant must be …:

16 or 17 years – Going into their Junior Year.
In good academic standing. (letter of recommendation)
Of good health and can pass a doctor administered physical examination.
Willing to undergo the minimum commitment (listed below).
Have a passion for helping the community in an emergency setting.

What Do We Do?

We provide high school students an opportunity to give back to the community by aiding
Holmdel Residents during any and all “medical emergencies” incurred by Holmdel
Residents, and on occasion, surrounding towns.

 What Do We Mean By “Medical Emergency”?

We use the term “Medical Emergency” to mean any injury or illness that is acute and poses
an immediate risk to a person's life or long term health. Such events include, but are not
limited to, bleeding control, pregnancies/patients in labor, heart attacks, strokes, seizures,
and any traumatic injuries, especially those caused by falls and motor vehicle collisions.

 Parents & Applicants

Please be aware that, if accepted, the commitment required by each cadet in this
program is a large undertaking. It is NOT like any afterschool activity. It requires a lot of
time; training and practice (please see the minimum commitment outlined below). As a
result, we tend to be more accepting of applicants who are sophomores and 1st semester
juniors who meet the minimum eligibility. Admittance of any applicant who is in his/her
2nd semester junior year or is in his/her senior year is at the sole discretion of the Cadet
Program Advisor.

Application Requirement Checklist:

Application (HolmdelFirstAid.org)
Letter of Recommendation (School Counselor)
500 Word Essay (Letter of Intent)
Immunization Record (Doctors Office)

Minimum Commitmen

Applicants & Parents, this is the minimum commitment for participating in the cadet
program. All the commitments below must be met before an cadet is allowed to treat
anyone during an actual medical emergency. Additionally, each cadet is required
to maintain good academic standing at Holmdel High School (or the applicable
academic institution).

The Holmdel First Aid Squad will either provide the training below or will sponsor the

(2)-hour Blood Born Pathogens Course hosted in Holmdel.
(6)-hour American Health Association based CPR for BLS Professionals course
(2)-hour bi-monthly training meetings.
(4)-hour duty shift per week. (Minimum of 15 hours per month)
(6) Community Events per year
National Registry EMT Exam (NJ State EMT Training Pre-Requisite)